Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Now on iTunes Music Store! Philly Sports Talk Now!

Now you can use iTunes Music Store to download our show to your iPod! Just go to the iTunes Music Store here, and if you don't have iTunes 7 downloaded you can get it for free and use this program to easily load our podcast onto your iPod. Simply go to the 'podcasts' section of the iTunes store and search 'Philly Sports Talk' and you'll be taken to our spot on iTunes.

It's too easy and of course both our show and iTunes are free. How can you go wrong? Catch our next show on Thursday night around 10pm or so. We post it here on our blog for you to either listen to or download or go to iTunes to get it on your iPod!

Be the first to donate to our show, so we can invest in some new equipment and we will name either you or your business in three upcoming shows and be mentioned on our blog if you'd like! Click the 'Make A Donation' button on our main page to your right up near the links section and donate today!

Rich / Philly Sports Talk Now!

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