Saturday, March 03, 2007

Howard signs on just shy of a millionaire...

We talked earlier in the week about Ryan Howard's next signing with the Phillies and his chance of becoming a millionaire with this signing. Well as most people know who follow Phillies news, Ryan did indeed resign with the Phils for $900,000. This amount is a great offering by the Phillies and one that was agreed to by Ryan and his agent but the Phils could've generated a lot more in positive publicity. In today's Philadelphia Inquirer, an article by Jim Salisbury hit the nail on the head by saying that the Phillies missed a great opportunity to "make a statement."

The Phillies could have received so much positive publicity from signing Howard for an even $1 million or more, that the price of giving Howard the extra money would have been money well spent by the club. It would have made the national news headlines and went a long way to bring a positive vibe to the organization. Instead the Phils matched what was given to Albert Puljos when he had the same amount of playing time for the Cardinals. As mentioned in the Philly Sports Talk Now! blog earlier in the week, players like Ryan Howard and Albert Pujols don't come around that often, and this was a chance to set the new standard for a guy who in only his second full season captured the homerun crown.

The Phils are 1-1 in preseason so far with the weekend bringing on the Redsox and Yankees against the Phils. Now those two teams know how to deal with superstars, look at what the Red Sox did just to talk to the Japanese superstar Daisuke Matsuzaka. D Mat gave up a double on his first pitch against Boston College, then retired the next six batters with 3 strikeouts in the mix before he was lifted on Friday night. I would love to see the Phils face him! :)

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