Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Next Podcast for Thursday night - We may be on WPEN Friday night!

We'll be back around 11pm Thursday night for another Philly Sports Talk Now! podcast or webcast show as some people call audio broadcasts over the internet. This week of course we continue our look at the Phillies down in Florida. The Phils play the Florida State University team tonight in an exhibition game down in Florida and open their Spring Training schedule on Thursday night vs. Detroit. Mike Berquist of A Citizen's Blog (A great Philadelphia Phillies blog ) will be joining us as well for the show, so stop over to his blog and then you can listen to our show later on Thursday night!

On Friday night at 11 pm, we should be on WPEN 950 am in Philly for the Best Sports Podcasts roundup. Programming is being assembled for this as I've be told and it should be a go for this Friday night, so if you want to hear some good sports podcasts tune into WPEN on Friday at 11 pm. It's great WPEN is doing something like this for their listeners. The blogs and podcasts in the area are loaded with great insight and commentary. So hats off to WPEN for taking the next step in offering this to their listeners! Click below to go to the WPEN website for live feeds from them.

Rich / Philly Sports Talk Now!

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