Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Podcast 28 postponed, will return next week...

Our podcast of Philly Sports Talk Now! had to be postponed until next week, when we will pick back up again looking at the sports scene in Philadelphia. We will look back at the Eagles loss against the Saints, and as Jim Dogg pointed out it would be nice to see them do well with all that happened to the city and it's residents with the terrible hurricane and aftermath that plauged them. We will review the Eagles season as well, and look to the future for the birds.

I am glad to report that our podcast player will be appear back inside the posts as they used to be, making it easier to listen to the show on this page or download it to your computer to be placed on an Ipod or mp3 player. All the issues between the company that stores our podcasts and the Blogger blog service have been resolved!

Thanks for listening and we hope to bring you many more podcasts in '07 !

'Philly Sports Talk Now!'

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