Thursday, January 11, 2007

Philly Sports Talk Now! Podcast 27 (Jan 11 2007)

When the Saints come marching in! The Eagles vs. The Saints in the Big Easy... We give you our keys to victory for the birds. We welcome Michael Berquist back to the show, read his blogs at that blog is for the Eagles and also the Phillies blog for a nice look at the analytical side of the defense of the Phillies in this week's post at this blog is called, "A Citizen's Blog". Jim Dogg looks for ways his Patriots can beat the Chargers out in sunny Southern Cal. We have our Phillies notes , and more all on Podcast 27!

We hope to get our audio player back here, or we may move the blog soon, I like Blogger but I also want our audio player to play our podcasts right here on this page for you. For now just click below to the link and that takes you to our podcast where you can listen to us by clicking on the .mp3 file or save it to your computer and listen to us on your MP3 or iPod player.

When problems are fixed between our blog service and our audio host 'Hipcast' (formerly known as 'AudioBlog") provider, we will have the player right on this page! We are being patient! Best played with Internet Explorer 7 with the Quicktime player!

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