Sunday, January 14, 2007

Larceny in New Orleans!

Crime is out of control in New Orleans in the city and now on the football field! The Eagles were about to send this game into overtime and after the reception that would have put them into prime position for a field goal, a flag was thrown for 'illegal movement' before the snap late in the fourth quarter after the reception. The broadcast team of Fox acknowledged that was a penalty that didn't appear obvious. Both lines moved at the same time, and nobody noticed the flag until after the reception! This was such a bad call, I can't believe that the refs would determine the whole Eagles season with one lousy call. It didn't help that the Eagles couldn't score a touchdown from inside the red zone as well when they came away with only a field goal.

This was a classic football game. The Eagles defense just couldn't hold up their end against the attack of Deuce McAllister and Reggie Bush and others. The Eagles secondary seemed to allow all catches to the Saints receiving and as was talked about in our last podcast, Lito Sheppard was really missed by the Eagles and could've been the difference. The Saints brought all they had, and the Eagles responded but in the end it wasn't enough. Andy Reid in my eyes doesn't deserve any disrespect for punting after the 'terrible call' - this was supposed to be the Eagles chance to tie this game or even win it with a td after the first down reception. Reid's decision will be debated though, but don't lose sight of the fact that this bad call by the refs was the reason the Eagles lost this game.


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