Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy New Year here's Philly Sports Talk Now! Podcast show 25 (Dec 27 2006)

We welcome the New Year in on our show, and wish our listeners a healthy and happy new year! We talk about the big Eagles win, what they face this week in the final regular season game. We talk the usual Phillies pre-season lineup changes. All of this plus our 'picks of the week' which we don't charge extra for! (You can leave a tip in the tip jar though if you feel like it, Jim Dogg needs not only a new pair of shoes but some other things as well!)

We hope to get our audio player back here, or we may move the blog in the new year, I like blogger but I also want our audio player to play our podcasts right here on this page for you. For now just click below to the link and that takes you to our podcast where you can listen to us by clicking on the .mp3 file or save it to your computer and listen to us on your MP3 or iPod player.

When problems are fixed between our blog service and our audio host 'Hipcast' (formerly known as 'AudioBlog") provider, we will have the player right on this page! We are being patient! Best played with Internet Explorer 7 with the Quicktime player!

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