Friday, December 22, 2006

"Awe inspiring" Iverson, Answers to the Nuggets Tune

The Allen Iverson era is over in Philly, in fact, due to a snow blizzard which delayed his arrival in Denver, Allen literally blew into Denver to storm both the media and fans with him special style of play. Tonight was his first game as a "Nugget", an AP story described his first show as "awe inspiring" and the fans roared as Allen was injected into the game with 3 plus minutes on the clock in the first quarter.

The fans gave Allen their approval, 'the answer' that they were looking for. Too bad for the Sixers, they haven't been right since Iverson left. They lost a superstar, a man that is the Philadelphia 76ers, he had Philly in his blood. The Denver Nuggets lost the first game with Allen on the team by 5 points, 101 to 96 against Sacramento, but they now have a player that is a superstar on the court for them. Tonight the Sixers trounced the Celtics on their own court, their first win in the last 13 games, having lost 12 straight going back to November 25th. Perhaps they have found 'an answer' too....

Rich B.

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