Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Phils already 'Eaton' the Wolf..

Well, Phils fans will miss Randy Wolf, a real mainstay of the Phils pitching staff for the last few years. He signed with the LA Dodgers for a one year contract worth a reported $7.5 million, is it me or are these pitching salaries out of whack? The Dodgers have an option for $9 million for the '08 season or a $500,000 buyout will apply. The Dodgers did draft Wolf out of high school but Wolfie refused the offer and instead went to Pepperdine University and the Phils got him in the amateur draft in the second round in 1997. Wolf's emotions ran high during his decision of where he would play for this upcoming season. He said the Phils offers were great, but in the end he chose to spend more time near his home in California. Not too bad either he'll be getting nearly $8 million dollars as well !

The Phils added another arm to the staff, Adam Eaton. Eaton must pass a physical to make it official but it is a deal that will pay him almost $24 million over 3 years with an option on a fourth year. This seems like an awful lot of money for a caliber of pitcher that Eaton is. He has been injured quite a bit with a bad finger during the past seasons. He did go 7-4 for the Texas Rangers last year with a 5.12 era. That's the scary part, 5.12 era. In a ranking of starting pitchers he comes in at Number 105 on Sportsline.com - I know the Phils needed better than this to round out the staff, and they still need a reliable closer.

Oh yes, did we forget to mention the Eagles lost against Indy? We'll talk about it in our next podcast show on Thursday!

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