Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Philly Sports Talk - Show 20 (Nov 23 2006)

Photo of Eagles Cheerleaders by RS Baxter at the game!

Our special Turkey Day show! Eagles vs. Indy this Sunday with a new quarterback, can they win in Indy? Phillies and what is left out there in the free agent market. Ryan Howard wins the MVP for the National League, we salute the "Howitzer"!!! Sixers and Flyers notes all on this Thanksgiving Day 2006 show!

Click on the link below to hear the show! This will take you to a page listing only our Netcasts, then click on the MP3 link and it will download to your computer to either save or listen to now!
When problems are fixed between our blog service and our hipcast provider, we will have the player right on this page! We are being patient!

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