Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Philly Sports Talk Now! Show 19 (Nov 15 2006)

Here is the Philly Sports Talk Now! Netcast for November 15th!

Yeahhh the Eagles get a win, but can they keep it going this weekend
against the lowly Titans? See what we have to say about the game. The Phillies are chasing Soriano but are they chasing their tails as well? Big contracts await them, and the Phils raised ticket prices... Sixers and Flyers talk as well all on Netcast 19 of Philly Sports Talk Now with
Rich and Jim Dogg!

Click on the link below to hear the show! This will take you to a page listing only our Netcasts, then click on the MP3 link and it will download to your computer to either save or listen to now!
When problems are fixed between our blog service and our hipcast provider, we will have the player right on this page! We are being patient!

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