Sunday, July 30, 2006

Goodbye Bobby, and good luck!

The Phillies sent long time Phil, Bobby Abreu, off to the NY Yankees with his blessing. It was a move that did really get all that much in return for the Phil's relatively speaking. No quality major league starter that could be plugged into the lineup now when we really need him. If fact they traded the Phil's number one pitcher Corey Lidle along with Abreu! I can't follow the logic in this trade in which it doesn't appear that we got all that much in return for these quality players. It was almost like the Yankees said, "We have the deep pockets to pay these two, but were not going to give up nothing in return."

That 'trade value' phrase has been used alot and I sure hope that GM Pat Gillick gets around to using it soon, because with moves like these, the Phils will be in the basement really fast! I am talking last place here which is where the Phils are heading. The Philly fans gave Bobby a nice send off with a standing ovation which he answered with a heartfelt wave to the fans that supported him for years and now will really miss him! Good luck Bobby!

I took this photo of Bobby Abreu at first base from Friday night's game against the Marlins. Maybe we'll get to see him at first base for the Yankees in the playoffs this October!


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