Saturday, July 29, 2006

For whom the Bell tolls....

Well the Phillies deal David Bell, no big surprise. David Bell's 4.5 million dollar salary proved that he had a good agent as he was batting .278 with 6 homers and only 34 rbi's in 91 games. That's one main reason the Phils aren't doing that well. They didn't really get too much in return for the veteran 3rd baseman though. Bell was traded to the Brewers for a minor leaguer. Abraham Nunez who has been struggling for the Phils batting .157 in sporadic appearances will take over at third. Are the Phil's throwing in the towel on this season? It really appears to be so, now with Bell gone and the Phil's short on infield replacements of any good caliber.

Here's a photo I took from my seat at Citizen's Bank Park on Friday night, 7/28 with Bell's last appearance in Philly.


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Corey & Carson said...

Bell is gone...thank God!

*We should link each other's blogs.