Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Apple headquarters is open for business in Cupertino

The behemoth that is the corporate home for Apple is open and it's a technical marvel that still holds a lot of mysteries. Why such an opulent building? Well, I guess that's just Apple. 

What would have Steve Jobs said about this? After all, he and Woz started out in a garage, so for them, this may have been a little over the top. But Jobs did say that this 'campus' would hold 12K employees at that facility. The project was first announced by Jobs himself in 2006 as the Apple Campus 2 as you see in the video below.

Steve Jobs proposes Apple 2 Campus to City Council in 2006 at Cupertino, CA

The 'spaceship' style headquarters in Wired magazine perhaps a little over the top? Apple has nothing but cash though, at least they are spending some of it. 

News yesterday was made by the company as they were bringing $350 billion back into the US economy? Where was all that money sitting at, and why didn't Apple bring some of it back to invest in the US a long time ago? Corporate politics? Different business decisions? Apple has always been a hardware first company - are they changing their mode of business?

To me, the project looks like a futuristic stadium with trees and a country setting in the middle... rearrange the foilage on the inside of this building, add some seating and you have a luxury stadium... Maybe the bay area is in need of a new NFL stadium? What ever the case, I am sure as time goes by, we will be seeing more of this magnificently designed 'state of the art' headquarters that the folks from Apple are synonymous for.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Net Neutrality means Internet Service Providers should be careful

from on December 14, 2017

The Republican-led Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to approve a controversial plan to repeal Obama-era net neutrality protections. The repeal passed 3-2, along a party-line vote.
The vote came amid mounting protests from the tech industry, consumer advocacy groups and even some Republican members of Congress who'd urged the FCC to delay or cancel the vote.
In what may be a sign emotions running high on the issue, the net neutrality vote was briefly interrupted due to a security threat. FCC commissioners and the audience were forced to evacuate the room.
"Sorry for the interruption," Ajit Pai, the chairman of the FCC, said after returning to the room. "We were acting on the advice of the federal protection service. Where was I?"

What does Net Neutrality actually mean?

Well, if you're a company, it means that you can't discriminate on the content that you send over the internet. Yes, this still means that the internet is open and free. But what is free? Freedom of expression, and the ability to write what you feel is a freedom that a lot of people take for granted in the USA. It's a freedom that a lot of others around the world enjoy too.

Talk has been how a Net Neutral environment will change how the ISP will do business, but that is very much in flux at the moment. An ISP wouldn't want to make it's customers uneasy with the throttling of services or capping of data that they all have enjoyed for years now. It could affect the way they do business, and healthy competition should carry the day to ensure that this is the case.

Now in the way of regulation, is this an open door for additional government regulation of the internet? Should ISP's be allowed to send certain content over their wires? That is yet another difficult but interesting topic. When you know that most internet traffic has been to adult websites since the creation of the modern internet, you'll have an idea how this 'candy store' approach to letting the 'average American' or European waltz into the nastiest dirty book stores that you can think of. But, that isn't necessary to walk in there on the internet, it's all there and many times you don't even have to pay for it to view the acts that previously were relegated to seedy smoke and tobacco shop 'back room' dens with beaded entrances to be able to view. Shopkeepers had to make sure that underage people didn't get past the beads, nor did many underage people even try to go beyond those beads let alone enter that shop.

Apps that allow the transfer of images that would be considered illegal by most standards are free to disseminate via mobile phones, as the shift from the PC to mobile has taken these same very ills of society so to speak on a mobile platform. And who has a smartphone these days? Yup, you guessed it, they are just about ubiquitous - very common. So maybe Net Neutrality will regulate some of this traffic as well, or maybe it won't. What's the common good for society?

Net Neutrality, it's an interesting subject.

Monday, January 01, 2018

Happy New Year! Tech is in a mini-revolution at the moment and 2018 should be a fun year

It's 2018 already.. wow, time is flying isn't it? You barely look up and another year has clicked by, but the internet has a lot going on with the new year that we just ushered in. In the US, Net Neutrality will become a reality, what does it mean for consumers? I've spoken to many educated people who have no idea.

But, there is a lot of other things going on as well within the tech world. Privacy, which is always an issue continues to be largely ignored by most Americans. Edward Snowden has made his bold announcement and it didn't seem to phase the ordinary American, who probably has taken the news in stride and doesn't understand either what these things could be used for.

The book 1984 spoke of privacy and surveillance - a telling take on a land where your every move is watched. Video, audio, and GPS tracking devices have been creeping into toys now for the holidays. Robot toy dogs with video monitors, paying for you check on devices that have cameras and essentially microphones can home in on you at the dinner table when you are out. Refrigerators, TV's and more.

Have we become a little too complacent with what we allow to be recorded by unknown entities for unknown reasons? Maybe, maybe not. One thing is for sure, it's a strange new world we are about to enter into as VR headsets and robots are about to transform tech.

Self driving cars are proposed? Will they take over the streets? Probably not, but again, just a few years ago, the book 1984 seemed like a far fetched notion of science fiction and was open to conjecture. The future? We may already be inside that future right now.

Take this story for example, Face ID technology IDs Family Who are not alike? Say what?’t-alike/ar-BBHA4Ex?li=AA4Zoy&ocid=spartanntp’t-alike/ar-BBHA4Ex?li=AA4Zoy&ocid=spartanntp 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Facebook algorithms 'will identify terrorists' - BBC News

Facebook algorithms 'will identify terrorists' - BBC News:

Not so sure this headline captures the spirit of the announcement by Zuckerberg, but when the news media gets a hold of a topic, they can add their own 'spin' to it.

More and more, we have to be vigilant in attempting to sift through the news that is stretched at the truth and the sources from which we trust that news. Facebook especially has news that is shared on it from dubious sources.

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Tech Companies Protest Trump Immigration Order - ABC News

Tech Companies Protest Trump Immigration Order - ABC News:

Google founder Sergey Brin is all smiles at Davos, but company doesn't support latest move by President Donald Trump

The policy change this week by the US instituting a 90 day ban from certain countries in the Muslim-majority countries to the USA has made some tech companies mad.

That was a campaign promise by Trump, he wanted to bolster up the vetting process of allowing people from certain countries in the this country.

Many in the tech community and outside of it have been critical, here's a quote from the article, and Elon Musk:

Tesla Motors and SpaceX founder Elon Musk, who has recently appeared to be cultivating a relationship with Trump, tweeted that "many people negatively affected by this policy are strong supporters of the US" who don't "deserve to be rejected." Musk is an immigrant from South Africa.

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Every Chromebook released in 2017 will support Android apps

Every Chromebook released in 2017 will support Android apps:

I would have thought that Chromebooks would have always supported Android apps, having not used one ever, that was obviously not the case.

Interesting that now, in 2017 the apps will now be supported. Google does have a way of letting certain projects want for more, and other projects really needing updates.

Monday, January 09, 2017

The 4 Kinds Of Chinese Tech Firms That Dominated CES 2017

As I read this post, I started thinking why couldn't America start building up some great companies right here in the USA to compete on the global electronics stage? I thought we were going in this direction 8 years ago, when the talk was all about 'change'. What changed? Not a whole lot really.

Maybe we'll see some improvements going forward, with the promise of making 'America Great Again!

Read the article from Forbes by clicking the link below:

The 4 Kinds Of Chinese Tech Firms That Dominated CES 2017:

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Thursday, December 01, 2016

4 ways to block political posts on Facebook | PCWorld

If you were really annoyed at some people's Facebook posts during the election, you're not alone.

Everyone has their own opinion, but when you get deluged with things you don't really want to read or see on a daily basis in your Facebook feed, what's a person to do?

Read on in this PCWorld article, don't hit that 'unfriend' button just yet!

4 ways to block political posts on Facebook | PCWorld:

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Monday, November 07, 2016

Samsung sales, profits dive on Note 7 recall | PCWorld

Exploding products in 2016, what's wrong with Samsung and why didn't they have proper testing of the devices they sold in 2016?

Surely this was the worst product of the year for tech. Did Samsung suffer in it's overall appeal with consumers in the USA? This was a very serious defect that led to fires and put people's lives at risk. There didn't seem to be much done about it in government circles though...

Read on as profits dive, and deservedly so for Samsung:

Samsung sales, profits dive on Note 7 recall | PCWorld:

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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

The Best Programs to Learn to Code for 2016 |

Coding is tedious and exacting work, the end result can be beautiful though, is coding in your future?

You want to contribute to the online society, but where do you start? You could go to your local community college in the US and get some coding education, but that may be an expensive way to start out. Maybe you should explore the online offerings to get your feet wet first and see if coding is for you.

Here's a neat story about online coding programs which you can use to further your education on coding:

The Best Programs to Learn to Code for 2016 |

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